Weekly Update 25/01/21

Hi Everyone


Praying you are all safe and well. What a blessing it is to know Jesus as we walk through these strange and challenging times. It is also a great source of hope and support to belong to such an amazing church family and witness the love, support, encouragement, and prayer you offer to us and to each other.

Live Prayer

Tash and I will be back on Thursday evening live on Facebook for prayer and prophecy. We have been going over time recently with the numbers of prayer requests and are also inviting different guests to join us. With this in mind we are extending the time slightly to allow for more prayer. This week we have Cheryl Smythe as our guest and are hoping Gary Smythe can join us too! Join us and invite your friends as we pray, share and release others to pray for each other.





Lockdown Services

Our Lockdown services for those not on the internet and those who are feeling lonely and isolated will continue throughout February. We will then look at Government guidance as to how we proceed from March onwards. For more information watch the video below.



CLC family testimonies



We love our church family and we want to hear from you!


As we continue with church online we want our services to have an authentic CLC family feel. Send us your stories of Worship, Welcome, and Witness, then we will share them in our CLC online services.


If you have a testimony in any of the following areas then please send it to us:




Do you have something to thank God for? What is inspiring you to worship God at the moment? How is God impacting your life currently?




How are you and your family doing? Where are you from? What are you praying about at the moment? How can we pray for you? Are you new to the CLC family then take a moment to introduce yourself.





Which not yet Christian people are in you Reach that we can pray for?  Have you shared your faith with anyone recently? Do you have a story of healing, salvation, or answered prayer as you have been sharing your faith?



The technical bit:


    • Testimonies should be between 1 and 3 minutes long
    • Record on your phone in landscape
    • Record in a quiet area with good lighting
    • Send your videos to us via whatsapp or wetransfer


we are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our online services.





God is always moving, His kingdom is ever increasing and ever advancing.  As Followers of Christ we enjoy the amazing adventure of following Him as He moves, heals, saves, and transforms. At the beginning of this year can we ask Him what He is doing? Can we begin to dream about the new things He has and how we can move to partner with Him. Let us follow Him on new adventures, in new areas of service and in new expressions of mission. As we do this let us also keep in sharp focus the Lordship of Jesus. Jesus is Lord and as we live life His way and pursue intimacy with him through our personal relationship we discover Jesus is a great master. While legalism, religion and even mission are poor masters always demanding more than we can give in the pursuit of religious behavior or more frenzied activity in pursuit of identity. Jesus is Lord and He loves us, enjoys us, brings us rest and security. Jesus partners with us in our lives and His mission. Whilst we pursue the new things Jesus has for us let us never forget we pursue Him first and foremost.


Jesus is Lord!

You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am.


Love and blessings Craig