Weekly Update 01/02/21



Lots to share with you this week from Elders announcement and affirmation process to online links with Oasis Church in South Africa.

Elders Announcement and Affirmation process

After much prayer and hearing God the Elders believe God has been speaking to us about appointing an Elder from a younger generation. Having heard this, we believe Simon Consiglio is the right person to step into Eldership. We have felt for some time that Simon would be our next Elder and have received a prophetic word from a member of our CLC family confirming the importance of both Simon and his wife Kelly alongside us in leadership of the Church. We have approached Simon and he has taken time to pray and seek God. Having spent time praying, Simon also believes this is the right time for him to step into Eldership.

We would love you all to spend some time in prayer throughout the month of February. Our members will have received an email asking for a response during the affirmation process. As an Elim Church our process of appointing Elders is to seek the affirmation of our members. We therefore ask that all of our members contact us giving  affirmation of the Elders’ proposal or with any questions or concerns. For those who are not yet members we value you and we would love to hear from you as you pray and hear God during this month.

Oasis South Africa & CLC Live worship Word & Prayer


On Thursday I have been invited to Minister online with Jonathan Isaacs from Oasis Church in South Africa. This opportunity came through Gary & Cheryl Smythe as they believe God is asking them to link CLC with people they connect with back in South Africa.


Join us live on Facebook between 6pm & 8pm UK time.

Lockdown Services


Our Lockdown services for those not on the internet and those who are feeling lonely and isolated will continue throughout February. We will then look at Government guidance as to how we proceed from March onwards. For more information watch the video below.




Send us your testimonies



We love our church family and we want to hear from you!


As we continue with church online we want our services to have an authentic CLC family feel. Send us your stories of Worship, Welcome, and Witness, then we will share them in our CLC online services.


If you have a testimony in any of the following areas then please send it to us:




Do you have something to thank God for? What is inspiring you to worship God at the moment? How is God impacting your life currently?




How are you and your family doing? Where are you from? What are you praying about at the moment? How can we pray for you? Are you new to the CLC family then take a moment to introduce yourself.





Which not yet Christian people are in you Reach that we can pray for?  Have you shared your faith with anyone recently? Do you have a story of healing, salvation, or answered prayer as you have been sharing your faith?



The technical bit:


    • Testimonies should be between 1 and 3 minutes long
    • Record on your phone in landscape
    • Record in a quiet area with good lighting
    • Send your videos to us via whatsapp or wetransfer


we are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our online services.

Movement and Testimony


I believe part of the release of each of us into mission and ministry will be the ongoing celebration and sharing of our stories. Testimonies of what God is doing for us, how we are inspired to worship him, and our stories of sharing faith as we reach out on mission in our daily lives will inspire and encourage us as we journey together. Can I ask that you join me in prayer and action.


Pray – For a release of the power of testimony at CLC. Ask God to release the stories in our CLC family

Share – Send us your stories on video, by email or give us a call. We love to hear your stories and want to

release the testimonies.


Revelation 12:11

They triumphed over him
    by the blood of the Lamb
    and by the word of their testimony;
they did not love their lives so much
    as to shrink from death.


Love and blessings