Weekly Update 26/04/21

Hello  everyone


We would very much appreciate your prayers with lot’s going on this week as we prepare for weekly streamed services to resume. This Sunday morning I am also preaching over in Widnes with SI and Kelly leading worship as we build our relationship with and support for the New Life Christian Centre.  Our Alpha online also starts this week and next week we are doing a special evening of worship and prayer in our usual Thursday evening slot on Facebook live. See below for all the details on what is coming  up.


Live worship & Prayer



On May 6th Tash and I will be joined by Gary and Cheryl Smythe for a special evening of live worship and prayer. Tash will lead us in worship and we will minister in the prophetic and in prayer together.  Please join us to rest in the presence of God, hear his voice and to pray together.




Our online Alpha team are now ready to offer an Alpha taster which will start on 28th April and run for 6 weeks on zoom. Please also share this opportunity with your friends and family who are yet to know Jesus. For the taster we are also offering it as a back to basics refresher for our people. If you would like to sign up follow the link below:




Services in May:

We have a few spaces left for this Sunday  book your places here 


The remaining services in May are filling up fast with May 9th fully booked. Please book your spaces early to avoid missing out.


Our online services will continue weekly so we will always have both options available.

To book one of our services go to https://sthelensclc.com/connect/


Testimonies – We still want your stories for our streamed services.


We have been blessed and inspired by the many stories, words, and worship you have been sending in to us over the last six weeks. Please can you continue to send us your Welcome, Worship, or Witness stories then we can all celebrate your testimonies and hear from you.  We believe testimonies will be a key to God releasing greater things into the life and ministry of our CLC family.


Find out how to record and send your testimonies below:


Send us your testimonies


We love our church family and we want to hear from you!


As we continue with church online we want our services to have an authentic CLC family feel. Send us your stories of Worship, Welcome, and Witness, then we will share them in our CLC online services.


If you have a testimony in any of the following areas then please send it to us:




Do you have something to thank God for? What is inspiring you to worship God at the moment? How is God impacting your life currently?




How are you and your family doing? Where are you from? What are you praying about at the moment? How can we pray for you? Are you new to the CLC family then take a moment to introduce yourself.





Which not yet Christian people are in you Reach that we can pray for?  Have you shared your faith with anyone recently? Do you have a story of healing, salvation, or answered prayer as you have been sharing your faith?



The technical bit:


    • Testimonies should be between 1 and 3 minutes long
    • Record on your phone in landscape
    • Record in a quiet area with good lighting
    • Send your videos to us via whatsapp or wetransfer


We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our online services.


Love God



My faith journey over the past few weeks has been one of discovery and challenge, as God is taking me deeper  in my understanding of His love to me and His love poured out to others through me.  I have been challenged by just how much God loves me and by the fact that my performance is not in any way related to His love for me. I have been inspired to worship and reflect that love back to Him as he reveals His love to me. I heard the lyrics of a worship song this week that made me smile as the truth of God’s love beyond our performance was declared in theses words ” I can never let you down, as I have never held you up!” The truth of these words hit me hard, as I realised that believing my performance impacts God’s love for me, is actually pride! My thinking was undone by the truth that God doesn’t need my performance, I am not holding Him up! God is utterly sufficient, all powerful, ever present, and all knowing. He doesn’t need my performance, he chooses to co-labour with me as an expression of love and relationship. I can never let Him down and I can never hold Him up!


Let us pour out our hearts of worship to Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Let us revel in His love and pour that back to Him in worship, praise and adoration. Jesus tells us this is the greatest commandment.


“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’


Love & Blessings