Weekly Update 24/05/21

Hi all


It was wonderful to host United21 at CLC this week and celebrate together with the churches of St Helens. We pray for unity and expect God’s blessings on St Helens as we reach out together with the good news of Jesus Christ. Please follow United21 on Facebook and share our posts this week,  as we share the good news online.


June Bookings now Open:


As numbers increase feel free to book as many services as you like. We will handle the bookings and ensure everyone has the chance to attend. Numbers will increase to 75 in June before restrictions are completely removed (providing the Government meets its deadline for removing social distance requirements).

Our online services will continue weekly along with in person so we will always have both options available.


To book one of our services go to https://sthelensclc.com/connect/

Church Services soon fully open


We are so excited at the prospect of gathering all together again. It is our hope  that our first full service can be celebrated all together on June 27th. We will keep a close eye on Government guidance and keep you informed as soon as we have clarity from the Government and Elim.

Philip’s Retirement celebration Service is now fully booked


Please ensure you join us online as we stream the service and celebrate together.

Prophetic conversations


On Thursday 27th of May at 10am I will be joining Gary and Cheryl Smythe again on Facebook live. As we host the next part of prophetic conversations. Our desire for these conversations is to simply testify, teach, and release the gift of prophecy and empower each of us to hear God. Join us live or watch back later, we are expectant for God’s increase as we share and hear together.

Pentecost outpouring


Pentecost Sunday is a great celebration and an opportunity to reflect and remember. Holy Spirit poured out on all flesh, the church birthed in signs, wonders, and evangelism. Believers in one accord serving God, giving to the poor, and daily people were being saved and added to their number.


May you all have a personal Pentecostal experience this week. A fresh infilling of Holy Spirit. A fresh outpouring that impacts our families, our friends, our neighbours, our town!  I am praying Holy Spirit baptism for each one of us, that we may resonate deep in our identity that we are children of God. That the overflow of our hearts might cause our mouths to speak and share the good news. That we might be clothed with power from on high and empowered to witness.

Acts 2: 1-4


When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. 

Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. 

They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.


Love & Blessings