Weekly Update 19/07/21

Hello Everyone


The Elders and I are so excited about this coming Sunday as restrictions are now lifted. We are so looking forward to corporate worship where we can again sing freely. Its wonderful to welcome you back. There is some more information below as to what to expect when attending services over the Summer.

Along with our excitement we also understand that the COVID pandemic is not over. We ask that you are considerate of each others space and each person’s boundaries and health decisions. Whilst some of us will be happy to hug and spend time talking afterwards others of us will be more cautious depending on our heath and family situations.

Please come along expectant to meet with God and look forward to meeting with each other whilst also being aware of the needs of others.


We are of course aware that for some people in person gatherings may be too much at the moment so our online church with online pastors will continue to be available for you.

Thank you for the way you have walked through this incredibly challenging season we love and appreciate you all. You are an amazing church family.


Here is the latest information to help you know what to expect:

Online Church – Join Pray Give


A huge thank you to everyone who has given, to those who are praying, and to those who have applied to volunteer on our teams. There is still time to pray, Join, and give.

For more information please watch our online church video below.


Pastors weekly Update will finish at the end of July


As we have now moved out of locked down my Pastors updates will end next week. I will be instead launching a blog from September to compliment our online church campus. Midweek messages will continue to update you with all the latest information and events at CLC.




I love to read about the life Jesus lived during His time on earth. Jesus demonstrated perfectly the heart of the Father as he ministered to people anointed by the Holy Spirit. The Trinity represented in the Earth through the ministry of Jesus. One of the expressions of the love of God that regularly moved Jesus to supernatural intervention in the lives of sick and hurting people was compassion. Many times in the gospels we read of Jesus being moved by compassion. I believe the season we are moving into requires us as the bride of Christ to represent Him in compassion.  We are to have His heart for each other, to be patient and compassionate with our Christian brothers and sisters. To move out of this time of restriction with compassion for each other. to weep with those who have lost loved ones, to be tender with those who are concerned about their health and mental health. To welcome and celebrate with those who have longed for human contact and missed gathering. We will need to be compassionate, patient, and moved by the humanity in each other as we navigate a confusing season of many mixed emotions and varying experiences.


We also have a wonderful opportunity to show the compassion of Jesus to those who don’t know him yet. We get to show the same care, love, and patience with the world around us and surprise them with a compassionate response seldom seen in the world today. So often in the ministry of Jesus compassion moved him to release supernatural healing, deliverance, and breakthrough. In this season, out of our hearts of compassion let us pray for those who are sick and see miracles happen.  Let us pray for those in lack, or in need of freedom and be moved by Jesus compassionate heart to se HIs Kingdom breakout in many lives.


Matthew 14:14 When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.


Love & Blessings