Weekly Update 08/06/20

Excerpts from Pastor Craig 08.06.20

Weekly Update 08/06/20

Hello everyone,

Even by the unusual standards of 2020 this week has been extraordinary in so many ways. Following the tragic death of George Floyd and subsequent protests across the world I have been left saddened by the remaining grip of racism that still holds its vile influence over many people and subjects others to prejudice, exclusion, and even violence. I have also been filled with hope viewing the many acts of unity and prayer across the global protests. We are is a season of change.

It is my view that our response comes in two vitally important ways:

First is to prayer; let us pray for repentance and forgiveness, for a changing of the tide of racism and for justice and grace to be released. Let us pray for peace in the earth and for the kingdom value for every human being to shine brightly in this season.

Secondly let us all examine ourselves afresh. Is there more we can do? Is there anything we need to repent of? Can we be kingdom active in releasing love and grace to all of our brothers & sisters regardless of our race, culture & creed?

Our movement Elim made the following statement this week which I think sums up our thoughts, feelings and prayers at this time.

Stay in touch

Generosity & Hardship

If you are being impacted financially by the current situation and you would like to have some assistance from our hardship fund please contact one of the pastors or email office@sthelensclc.com

We continue to bless and share with one another financially thanks to the amazing generosity of our CLC family. Thanks to all of you who have given as an expression of love for one another and love for Jesus. 

To transfer your giving online or to continue to give into our hardship fund. Here are the bank details:

Name: St Helens CLC  Sort Code: 60-05-16  Account Number: 18536778

Lockdown Exit

With more statements now coming out nationally and locally our Elders continue to pray and plan for the exit strategy out of lockdown. Please keep us in your prayers at this time. Nationally there is some talk of places of worship being open in July, however this is with strict social distances measures in place and initial signs are that this will be for private prayer before any gatherings or even small groups. Locally we hear that the R rate of infection in the North West still remains slightly above 1 as our peak came later than other parts of the country. We will continue to take advice from the government, from Elim, and most importantly listen to God as we prepare for the next stages. It is vital that we take decisions carefully and prayerfully in the coming weeks. It also looks increasingly likely that small group gatherings will play a huge part in the easing of lockdown measures and the beginning of any gathered worship so for us Reach groups continue to be key.

Reframing the Church

I believe God is raising up His church releasing us to be the new wineskin to carry the new wine of His presence into the coming season of refreshing and revival. We have also seen God at work over the past decade in our CLC family setting us up to become the people movement He is calling us to be. I believe there are five things God has been doing in preparing us at CLC give us the parameters for our new wineskin.

Five parameters God had given us for the new wineskin at CLC:

It is time for us as God’s people to be presence carriers and allow the light in us to shine for the sake of the world. Arise & Shine Church!

Isaiah 60:1-2

“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
    and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
 See, darkness covers the earth
    and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the Lord rises upon you
    and his glory appears over you.

Love you all, stay safe and be blessed.

Craig                                                                            #Separated but not Isolated

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