Weekly Update 29/06/20

Hello everyone,

For this week’s update I want to focus on our Roadmap to Re-opening for gatherimgs. Please watch the following Video:

Here are the links for our Risk Assessment and our Roadmap to reopening document:



As I shared in the video it is our desire to see everyone connected to a “Reach” group at this time as they will form a key part of our gatherings post lockdown. It is my belief that God is on the move, He is upto something in the earth and is preparing His Church. I believe it is time for us to arise and shine with the light of Jesus. It is harvest time and “Reach” will be one of the vehicles God uses for this at CLC.

Below is the link for our online process to register to start or join a “Reach” group. Please use the link to get in touch as we help connect us together ready for the coming season.


Praying for you all as we look ahead to what God has for each of us individually and for all of us together as the family of God at St Helens CLC.

Craig                                                                                           #Separated but not Isolated